Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Duncan's Screaming Eagle Mayhem & Vendetta

I guess you still remember about Duncan new product Screaming Eagle, more info was post on their site about the release.

"The products in this line are collaborations between Duncan and the an exclusive group of designers including, the Duncan Crew, international graffitti writers and top flight engineers. This has produced exceptional designs with beautiful finish and unyielding play. Simply put, these yoyos are some of the best.

First up is the Vendetta, to be released at the preliminary competition of the IYYO in New York, NY. This is a soul players yoyo. This is Duncan's first yoyo with a big bearing and maximum rim weight. It has more of an angular profile and a huge string gap. These first editions will be available in ultra limited gold and when they are gone they will not be produced in this colour ever again.

Next up is the MayheM. This yoyo will be released at the World Yo-Yo Contest in Orlando, Florida on August 15th at 10 AM EST. Slightly undersized, slick coated, long spinning and a beast of a performer. This yoyo is designed for the upper limits of single A competition. It has a more organic shape and has the widest bearing gap possible with the standard duncan sized bearing. This yoyo will be available in multiple colours."

Simply put, you want these yoyos and there will be one more model available as a preview only at worlds. The third yoyo will be a surprise to everyone and is positive to have you scrambling for one or three.

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