Sunday, 26 July 2009

Duncan's Screaming Eagle Mayhem & Vendetta

Remember the previous post about Duncan new product line of Screaming Eagle Mayhem & Vendetta? Here's more info about the yoyo spec. All thanks to Brandon Jackson sharing in YYN Forum.

Here's the VendettaAngle View

Comparison with Duncan FHZero

Stock Respond: Duncan 13.7 Silicone Stickers.

Here's Mayhem

Stuart(Brunei): I would like to try both of them, but from the picture itself, I'm more interested in the Mayhem rather than the Vendetta due to the shape and finishing.

Also Brandon Jackson mention in YYN that color for Mayhem will be black hard coat, red, silver, polished, blue, yellow.
Here's a video of Brandon Jackson with Mayhem and Vendetta

Duncan's Screaming Eagle from Brandon Jackson on Vimeo.

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  1. i just bought one it is coming in the mail im so exited