Friday, 23 July 2010

Preparing for a freestyle.

So how do you prepare for a competition? Here's what Stuart will do to prepare for his 1 min freestyle.

1) Choose a song. The song should be suit to the style that you plan to play. Fast beat doesn't always a good choice. For starter, would suggest to choose something slow.
2) Plan your skill list. Write down all the skill that had master and will perform well. Plan with the song on the combos to combine.
3) Practice the freestyle for 1-2 hours a days, repeating the skill might seem boring, but it will boost up your perfection in executing it. If you found out any new route to the combos, do try out and see how it goes.
4) Watch videos to get ideas of new skills, but stick to your preplanned songs and style adding newly learned skill to the combos.
5) Practice makes perfect, so keep on practicing and never think that you have lame skill, JUST SPIN IT!!!

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