Saturday, 25 June 2011

How to Purchase from Yoyonation Brunei

Hi all, the following guide will teach you how to purchase from Yoyonation Brunei at You can go directly to (

If you are at Yoyonation Brunei FaceBook (, click "Buy Now @ Brustores" , the tab will be on the left side of the page.

You will see a list of products. The upper parts shows you different categories of product. Click on the product you wish to buy, and you will be direct to Yoyonation Brunei @ Brustores.

You will now see the products details, such as quantity available, the pictures of the products and description.

Click on the "specification" (1) to see which colors of yoyo is available. I will do my best to keep the specific colors details as accurate as possible. Please do click the "like" (2) to support :). After you had done, click on the "add to cart"(3). You will be direct to the following page below.

Here you will see all the items you added to cart. Check the quantity (1), if you wish to add more, type in the quantity and click on "Update Quantity". If you wish to continue shopping and browse more items, click on "Store Categories" (3) or the specific categories below it. After you had confirm the order, click "Proceed to checkout". You will then be direct to the following page below.

Choose your shipping method here. The default choice will be EMS Post (Free) which in this case is not free. Its for international order. For local orders, you could either choose Pas Laju (additional B$4.00 only) and your items will be ship out next following day if payment is made and confirmed. Expect the goods to arrive at your nearest post office within 2-4 days. If you wish to collect it by yourself during the gathering, choose "Self Collect - Gathering(free)". Do check out Yo-Splinter Facebook page for upcoming event for the next gathering. If you would like to collect it at Stuart's house, choose "Self Collect - Stuart's Crib". Stuart will arrange the time for collect, which is usually evening time. 

Next, choose your payment method. Default will be "HSBC Bank In". Stuart will reply you with the HSBC accounts number to bank in. You can do the bank in at HSBC Cash Deposit Machine located almost every HSBC branch throughout Brunei. Please E-mail Stuart ( the reference number after you had bank in. Remember to keep the receipt. Choose "Cash on delivery" if you pay it during Gathering or at Stuart's Cribs. If you have Paypal account, you can pay directly only to me via this e-mail address :-

Regardless if you collect it during the gathering, please fill in all the shipping information. Click "Same as Shipping Information" if Contact & Billing Address is the same.

If there is any specific color you would like to request for the products you order. Please drop a message here.

Then you are done. Please do utilize Brustores for the moment as we are hope the awesome "" to be available!!!

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